Kikar plant is one of the oldest medicinal plants. It is a thorny plant that grows up to a height of 12 meters. It is mainly grown for timber It bears beautiful and attractive, nectar less yellow flowers which attract bees and goats.


Kikar is a native plant of the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, and Africa. This plant has many health benefits. Every part of this plant is useful like its leaves, flowers, bark, and even its thorns. The coal of kikar is very useful. We can find kikar coal after burning its branches. There are slight differences between Babul and Kikar.

kikar leaves


Leaves of kikar are as fodder for animals.

Kikar plants are used for making fencing and hedges.

The bark and seeds of kikar are a source of tannin.

Kikar branches strengthen the gums and whiten the teeth. People use them as brushes to strengthen and whiten the teeth.

Kikar trees prevent soil erosion and air pollution.

Kikar branches are used in making furniture and agricultural implements. In the construction of houses branches of kikar can be used as beams. Collect the coal formed by burning kikar branches for firewood. Grind this coal into a fine powder and preserve it. You can use this powder for brushing your teeth. This powder makes your teeth white and prevents gum swelling.

If fresh wounds are bleeding sprinkle powder of dried kikar leaves, bleeding stops.

The best remedy for unbearable ear pain. Take 10 grams of flowers of kikar and boil them in 20 grams of gingelly oil. Yellow flowers turn black. Strain the oil and preserve it. Use lukewarm 2-3 drops of oil for ear pain.

Gond katteera has innumerable benefits. It gives relief from the summer heat. It keeps the digestive system healthy and prevents constipation. Prevents from a summer nose bleed, and protects from sunstroke.

kikar gond / kikar plant

It becomes a jelly-like substance on soaking in water. Take 2 spoons of soaked kikar gum and mix it with warm milk, with some sweeteners like sugar, honey or jaggery and take it early morning. It reduces body heat and keeps it cool. It is this reason people prefer taking it in hot summers.

Kikar gum is rich in proteins. People who are suffering from weakness can use it every morning with warm milk.

Some people suffer from the burning of hands and legs as they have too much heat in their bodies and stomach. These people can take kikar gum by soaking it in water for the whole night. Kikar gum is like a boon for these kinds of people.

Mix Gond kateera, gum of kikar, and red sugar in equal quantity and make it into a fine powder and make small pills using water. the best remedy for a person suffering from dry cough. One who is suffering from dry cough can use it by sipping the pills.


Consuming kikar gum improves the digestive system and prevents constipation. People suffering from digestive problems or constipation should take kikar gum 2 times a day. Morning on empty stomach and at night after dinner.

If blood comes along with saliva, boil Kikar leaves in water, and consume 2 times in the morning and evening. Take 20 grams of Kikar thrones. Allow them to boil in a glass of water. Strain the content. Mix it with 10 grams of honey, the best remedy to stop hiccups.

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Grind Kikar leaves and make them into small round shaped cakes (tikiya) and place them on eyes for the whole night. This remedy reduces eyes pain and redness of eyes.

Collect 4 Kikar pods. Pods must be juicy. Put them in an earthen pot with 20 glasses of water with a small piece of iron in it. Put this pot in sunlight for 20 days and in every 2 days stir the content with a Kikar stick. On the 21st day strain the content and preserve this water in bottles. This water is a perfect remedy for grey hair. It can even turn your grey hair black under certain conditions.

kikar flower

Here is the best remedy for Jaundice using Kikar flowers. Dry Kikar flowers in shade and grind them into a fine powder. Mix red sugar in equal quantity in the powder. Take a spoon of this powder on an empty stomach every morning. Cures jaundice in no time.

Blisters are formed on the tongue. Buds of kikar give us the best remedy for this. Grind them and smoothly rud on the blisters. Blisters will disappear in no time.

Cancer and problems can be cured using bark and gum of kikar.





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