I usually heard people saying if you want to see the real colour of a person, you should see their hands and feet. Maybe this is correct to some extent as many of us pay full attention to our face and neck but we pay little attention to our hands and feet.

Everybody wants fairer and glowing hands with glowing face. Glowing and fairer hands and face not only makes you confident, but also gives happiness when you stand before a mirror.

In fact, hands play a major role after face, in representing your personality. Definitely these leave an impact on the people whom we meet. As a result of doing every work with hands and by exposing them everywhere and anywhere, hands have to face terrible weather conditions.

Even after using sunscreen and other lotion we cannot prevent our hands from getting tanned in summer and rough, dry, and dull in winter.

Accordingly, it is confirmed that if we pay the same attention which we pay to our face, they can also look as beautiful and attractive as our face. In this way, we can prove that we are not only beautiful only by face but also by our hands and feet.

Hand whiteneing process

You will be very surprised to know that we can brighten our hands and feet only with the help of ingredients available in our kitchen. No need to buy expensive things from the market. Things available in your kitchen are enough for this remedy.


First, take a clean bowl. Put 1 tablespoon full of powdered sugar, add the same quantity of coffee powder, one tablespoon full of curd. Squeeze half a lemon juice, into this mixture. Mix the content thoroughly and apply this mixture to your hands and feet. You can as well apply this to your neck which has turn black due to the accumulation of dirt or due to increased age. The elbows or knees which have turned black over time can also be whitened by this remedy.

Sugar is a great beauty aid that moisturizes our skin. It contains glycolic acid, which encourages cell turnover for youthful-looking skin and its small particles make the skin exfoliate.

Coffee is high in antioxidant properties which increases circulation and helps in the reduction of puffiness. You can firm skin with the help of coffee powder.

Curd is full of good bacteria that help your skin glow by nourishing it from within. Full of vitamin D, curd for skin improves your complexion. its anti-inflammatory properties aids in reducing acne. The antioxidants present in this superfood heals dry skin

Lemon, which contains citric acid, provides a dose of the free radical-fighting antioxidant vitamin C which helps skin even-toned and helps to boost the immune system. Lemon is used as a skin astringent as it helps to motivate your’s pores to close and your face to tighten, which results in smoother skin.

These all properties of ingredients we are using in this remedy helps in glowing and whitening our hands. Apply this remedy twice a week and lead a confident and glowing life.

Hand whiteneing process


If your hands have become rough because if nonstop house hold chores, take 2 table spoons of brown sugar and squeeze a lemon in it. Mix them well and apply on your palms smoothly.

Sugar has very tiny particles that enable us to scrub the larger area in less time. In addition to this sugar is fully loaded with antioxidants and fight against early aging radicles.

Subsequently, continue to run your hands until sugar particles gets finely dissolve with lemon.

Keep applying this remedy continuously for 3 days. You will see amazing results as your hands have become silky soft.


In summer, we get heavily exposed to ultra-violet rays when we go out. As a result of which our skin gets dark and dull because of tan. The more our skin gets tan due to sun the more unattractive we look. It is difficult to get the normal texture of our skin.

This can be made possible through patience and care. So lets us see what care can we take to brighten our skin and remove tan from our body especially from our hands.

One of the simplest remedies to remove tan from our body is to apply lemon juice. Take a lemon and extract juice from it. Take cotton and dip it in lemon juice and apply it on your hands. Massage it for 10 minutes and let it sit for some time. Then wash your hands with normal water. Try this remedy regularly once in a day, until the tan is completely removed from your hands.

People who are allergic to lemon can also try tomato to remove tan from their hands. Simply take a tomato and cut it into half. Rub half cut tomato on your hands, where you see tan. Let it dry and then wash it with cold water.

You can try lemon juice remedy and tomato remedy alternate days.


In this remedy, first, we will cleanse our hands with milk and then scrub.

Milk acts as a conditioner and also it is the best natural moisturizer and full of anti-oxidants and fatty acids. This will deeply moisturize your hands and also treat wrinkles.

Take a bowl and pour 2 cups of lukewarm milk in it. If you want, add some rose petals, dried or fresh, to the milk. If you want you can skip rose petals. Dip your hands in milk for 10 minutes and then wash them with normal water. Even only with this cleansing, you see the difference in your hands.

Now the next step is scrubbing your hands. For this take 2 tablespoons of rice flour, which removes dead skin on your hands and makes your skin instantly smooth and light. Add 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel to the rice flour and then add 1-2 tablespoons of glycerin to this paste.

Scrub your hands with this paste for 5 minutes and then leave it for 15 minutes. Then wash your hands with normal water. Apply this remedy on your hands twice a week a see amazing results.

Aloe vera gel has multiple vitamins like amino acids, minerals, and enzymes which makes skin smooth and fairer magically. If you apply aloe vera gel on your hands and face regularly, this will definitely improve your skin texture.

Glycerin not only makes your skin lighten and flawless but it also removes tan from your skin. It also deeply moisturizes your skin. Moreover, it suits all types of skins. It also fights with fine lines and wrinkles, may it be on face or hands.

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