What is the Keto Diet? [What to Eat, Tips, Recipes]


Keto is derived from the ketosis. Actually, Ketosis is an internal body process. This process is done forcefully by the body in the keto diet.

-Today I am going to share with you a diet plan which is completely different from other kinds of diet plans and which has, nowadays became very famous and is highly floating on social media. People are very much curious to very know about this diet especially.

“They are many kinds of diets present in the market. Most famous among them are:

1.Vegan Diet

2. Raw food diet

3. Paleo diet

Ultra low-fat diet, and many more.

People are more curious to know about this diet. Generally,the reason for this is the things which are usually avoided in other diet plans, are eaten in the keto diet plan, even much more in quantity.

In this case, I will my best to make you understand better.

Firstly I will give a detailed description of the Keto diet and later we will explore whether it works or not and lastly, I will disclose to you it’s pros and cons.

There is a lot to understand about the Keto diet plan but if we understand the above-said points, we will get maximum knowledge about it.

Keto is derived from the word Ketosis. Actually, Ketosis is a kind of internal body process where our body uses its own fat to get energy for its organs to function.

keto diet

Accordingly, Ketosis is a natural body process that starts by keeping our body starved for a long time. In the keto diet, this process is adopted artificially in order to make you slim.

In the Keto diet plan, blood sugar levels are lowered down by food, and the food items which increase our energy levels are completely avoided.


As we know blood glucose sugar is energy, then after avoiding all glucose sugar creating food items, how does our body organs get enough energy which is used to get from carbs and proteins.

Moreover, what about mind which feels more want to carbs and protein than any other organ in our body.

Then our body adopts alternate energy supply. When our body stops getting enough proteins to create energy in our body then it automatically starts consuming fats that are already stored in our body.

Let me explain this with an example. If diesel in your car gets exhausted your vehicle automatically switches to CNG mode. So does our body in the Keto diet.

keto diet

The organs start consuming fats stored in our body but the brain needs the same energy in the form of blood.

This is supplied by the liver in the form of ketones to our brain after processing.


In keto diet, chapatis, bread, sweets, and its variations and sugar are completely avoided as these food items produce carbs which are needed by our body to produce energy.

In the Keto diet, 70% of our food consists of eggs, boil, fish, paneer, butter cheese, olive oil, and type of meat, dry fruits, etc. A person following a keto diet can eat these food items as much as he can.

Food items like milk, fruits are prohibited but can consume raw vegetables.

Many of us might have come across many types of diet plans which strictly do not allow fats and oily substances, ghee, etc. Keto diet plan had gain popularity because of this only reason.

The Keto diet has gained very much popularity in recent days. This reason for this is the food items that are completely avoided in other diet plans, are especially consumed in the keto diet plan.

More and more fat is allowed in this diet plan. As a result of which all the organs in the body starts using fat stored in the body in order to perform their functions. Keto diet plan


This introduction of the Keto diet plan might have filled excitement in you. You may have started thinking that the Keto diet plan is the best diet plan to adopt. But remember it a complete procedure and is very tough to follow, but not impossible.

Before starting the keto diet plan, it advisable to able to consult your doctor. You may have to undergo certain medical tests to check your cholesterol levels or you are having fatty liver and many other things.

In Keto diet, we intake:
70% oils & fats

20% Proteins

10% carbohydrates

Desi ghee, butter, coconut oil, olive oil are usually taken in the Keto diet. Usually, after consuming so much oily food items we feel as if our stomach is full. You don’t feel the traces of hunger or our energy levels are draining. So you don’t feel a desire for eating.


Breakfast: Better to take omelet with the yolk, of course, prepared with cheese and coconut oil or olive oil.

Lunch: You can eat meat and its products which provides necessary proteins to your body. You cannot eat rice, roti things made of maida.

Dinner. You can eat dry nuts and again fish and meat.

Things to Remember:

In the first place, take multivitamin tablets with the consultation of a doctor. As a result of taking more and more fat, there are high chances of getting a deficiency in any vitamin in your body.

2. Similarly, take more and more water.

3. Furthermore do exercise regularly.


Subsequently, many diets came in the market, they have their own consequences and have their own generation. Accordingly, diets come and finally disappear. Usually, they work and give us the best results, and we successfully lose weight by following them. But one thing ultimately works and that is following a healthy diet.

If you follow a healthy diet plan all through the day, by doing exercises regularly besides drinking a lot of water, by eating healthy food and by avoiding junk food, you can maintain your cholesterol levels. Thus no need to follow any dietary plan.

If you feel that you are gaining weight, look through your diet, what mistake you are doing, and try to fix it as soon as possible.

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